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It is not easy to summarize Berlin in a few sentences – this city is too diverse, colorful, and full of contrasts. Berlin is the capital city, the political heart of Europe's largest economy, a center for European politics and diplomacy.

Berlin is also a center for art and culture - with world-renowned museums, top-class orchestras, countless galleries, historical and outstanding contemporary architecture. Berlin is a city of science and education – more than 30 universities, colleges, and art colleges as well as numerous non-university research institutes make Berlin the most research-oriented city in Germany.

Berlin is iconic to both history and the future: The city stands for cultural and social prosperity and is also a symbol for past, dark years. It is a symbol for decades of division, reconciliation, and growing together.
Berlin is simply worth living in!
Metropolis in the heart of Europe


Berlin is one of the most liveable cities in the world!
Its 12 districts with a total of 96 counties offer space for the most diverse desires and life plans – from the upper-class Grunewald, the colorful and liberal Kreuzberg, up to the classy Mitte – Berlin is home to everyone. Even on a culinary and cultural standpoint, Berlin leaves no wishes unfulfilled – delicacies from all over the world, numerous cafes and bars, as well as a variety of concerts and exhibitions – Berlin simply offers everything that your heart desires. Being a trend capital city, Berlin is also an attraction for many young designers who are constantly expanding the Berlin fashion scene with new trends. Thanks to the comprehensive public transport network, night owls can always party and enjoy Berlin's night life, which is famous around the world.

At the same time, Berlin is also a green city: Almost every street is lined with trees, with many parks to ease the mood, as well as lakes and forests that promise ample relaxation and break from the urban life.
There is no doubt that this city attracts people from all over the world, some for just a few days, some for longer periods, and many forever. The amazing thing about Berlin is that the city is still affordable thanks to the constantly low interest rates. This brings your own piece of Berlin a step closer to your reach.

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Population growth
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There is no doubt that a city like Berlin is not just attractive to the residents alone. It is also highly attractive to investors and capital investors.
Compared to other European capitals and German cities, the entry prices are still relatively affordable despite the rapid development in recent years. Every year, there are new jobs being created around the city, future-oriented industries such as biotechnology and medical technology are booming, with a large number of start-ups that make Berlin the capital of the European founder's scene.

The demand for housing is strong and growing steadily – faster than the construction of new houses.


Purchase price development
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Development of rental prices

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